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The images shows an screenshot of the Funkwhale Web Interface. The artist page for a band called Break the Bans is shown with four albums.
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For music lovers

Access your personal music collection from anywhere. Funkwhale supports advanced sharing features to promote Freely licensed content.

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For artists and podcasters

Publish your music and podcasts on Funkwhale. Let people follow your releases or subscribe to your podcast in their favorite podcatcher.

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Decentralized & Federated

Content can be shared across instances, or moderated to restrict bad actors. The network is not tied to any corporation or entity, so you have total independence.

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Free software build by the community using standard protocols and open-source technology. No third-party analytics. No tracking. No ads. You are in control.

Your music and podcasts, anywhere

Listen to your music and podcasts from your web browser, or a wide range of compatible apps for every platform. This includes the Subsonic client of your choice and your favourite podcast app.

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Share your music library

Share your playlists and albums, or whole parts of your library, with your friends and family. Promote free art by sharing it with users on your pod, or with the entire Funkwhale network.

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Extend your horizons

Explore the content shared by the community to discover new artists and podcasts. Keep tracks of your favorites in your library.

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Publish your work

Create channels for your musit or podcast and let people get notified of your latest releases. Use our export widget to embed your content on other platforms and websites.

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Get started

Sign up on a pod to upload your music library, share it, keep track of your favorites, and more! Each pod has its own rules and conditions, but thanks to federation you'll be able to share content with other people regardless of which pod they're using.

Support Us

Funkwhale is a community-driven project maintained by a non-profit organization called the Funkwhale Collective. We strive to make Funkwhale better and there are many things you can do to help!